Dallas Cowboys Small Thematic Piggy Bank

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Dallas Cowboys Small Thematic Piggy Bank

Forever Collectibles

Color: dallas cowboys
Package Quantity: 1

Dallas Cowboys Small - a great piggy bank made by Forever Collectibles is really fun piggy bank. The piggy bank is available in dallas cowboys. Among the major characteristics is the coin slot on top and rubber pop-out plug on bottom. Other highlights consist of officially licensed, hand crafted and hand painted and size is approx. 3. 5'' x 4'' x 3''. It's dimensions are 4"H x 5.1"L x 5.1"W. Buying a Dallas Cowboys Small . For the greatest offer for this item along with other piggy banks, check out the market link.

The Thematic Piggy Banks are uniquely developed getting a theme of your favorite teams! Each piggy bank comes specially molded, made of resin and hand painted. Every small piggy bank is approximately 4"x 4"x 4"in size.


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